How to Fix Entrepreneurship Skill Gaps in Education - Richard Moross

In Chapter 8 of 17 in his 2012 interview, London entrepreneur and CEO Richard Moross answers "How Can the Education System Better Prepare Entrepreneurs?"  Moross notes the high occurrence of the education system failing to educate entrepreneurs.  He notes the importance of education teaching core skills such as how to argue, how to make a case and how to plan strategy.  He finds it is less about teaching students how to start companies and more about providing access and training to core skills, especially programming or writing code, as well as a broader cultural education that starting a company is a viable career option.  Moross is founder and CEO of and a leader in the London startup scene.  Before starting, an award-winning online print business, Moross was a strategist at Imagination, the world's largest independent design company.  He graduated from the University of Sussex, where he majored in philosophy and politics.