What is Near Peer?


A Near Peer is an individual who has recently gone through experiences that someone one or two stages behind is now or soon will be facing.  A Near Peer occupies the space between a Peer and an Expert in a learning spectrum.  Capture Your Flag films Near Peer stories through a documentary lens to generate knowledge future generations may use to advance incrementally as they develop, personally and professionally.  

A Near Peer is an individual who has recently gone through an experience that someone is now or soon will be facing.
— Erik Michielsen, Capture Your Flag

The Near Peer approach of Capture Your Flag is actualized through a career video interview series with a select group of rising leaders representing different cultures, educations, life stages, and professions.  We call these individuals Near Peer Exemplars and build the Near Peer model of learning from their shared experiences from the documentary interview series.  

As Capture Your Flag continues filming the Near Peer Exemplars, the resulting knowledge video populates the spectrum of early career through mid-career and into peak career along with the personal stages that accompany the journey, including family, friendships, marriage, and parenting.  Now in our 5th year of filming interviews, we are well on our way to providing a range of experiences, from college graduation through retirement, from getting married and having a baby through sending kids to college, that connect the dots in life in career and empower our learning community to live a more meaningful life and find more fulfilling and impactful career opportunities.