Courtney Spence Gives TEDx Talk on Multimedia Storytelling

Students of the World founder and Capture Your Flag interviewee Courtney Spence gives a TEDx Talk on the transformational power of multimedia storytelling for disaster relief and community rebuilding efforts.  She talks about the potential of students and young professionals to be the changemakers and tell stories of progress that drive awareness around problem solving and sustainable solutions building in areas devasted by natural disaster or environmental distress. 

Fast Company Changemaker Video on Carrot Creative Social Media Agency

Today's Fast Company online magazine profiles the Brooklyn-based social media advertising agency, Carrot Creative, and its three co-founders, including its CEO, Capture Your Flag interviewee Mike Germano.  The video, linked below, is a wonderfully produced account - part of the Shatterbox produced "Changemaker" series - of how a basement startup blossomed into a leading big city business.  In his Year 2 Capture Your Flag interview, Germano shared additional insight into what he has learned, including some challenges of going into business with friends and what qualities he finds most valuable in his business partners. 

Jullien Gordon Teaching "The Innerview" at Indiana University

This morning, I had the pleasure of hosting Jullien Gordon in the Capture Your Flag Manhattan studios for his Year 2 interview.  Personally, the Year 2 interviews have been immensely fulfilling as I'm fortunate to get to see firsthand the personal growth and career development incrementally taking place across our interviewees.  In a way I feel like a documentary filmmaker though I feel exponentially more blessed to share in these windows into interviewee experiences as we build out the Near Peer Learning experience to connect the dots, step by step, floor by floor, on the aspirational career staircase. 

Jullien and I covered an immense amount, as few are as productive experience creators as Jullien (well, Jon Kolko might be good competition!).  One topic was his new "Innerview" platform.  Here is a lecture Jullien gave at Indiana University to help students better align passions to purpose and channel that into career planning and interview preparation.  NOTE: this video includes messages and career learning methods right for all ages and audiences, not just college students. 

Be well.  Capture Your Flag. - Erik

Blending Passion and Community in the Holstee Manifesto #LifecycleFilm

Over the past two years, I've had the great pleasure of meeting Dave and Michael Radparvar as well as Capture Your Flag interviewee and Sandbox Network co-founder Fabian Pfortmüller.  The inspiring threesome co-founded Holstee to create lifestyle goods that are designed with a conscience.  It's been a joy to watch the Holstee story unfold as the company has combined messaging around living life passionately and purposefully with its own design and manufacturing efforts. 

Today Holstee released their #LifeCycle film to bring the Holstee Manifestoa call to action to live a life full of intention, creativity, passion, and community - to life via a biking passion narrative in an online video medium.  


After you watch the embedded #LifecycleFilm, I invite you to watch Fabian Pfortmüller answer "What Does It Mean to Be Green?" as it relates to Holstee in his 2011 Capture Your Flag interview. 

UPDATE 11/18/11:  Wonderful Washington Post piece on "How the Holstee Manifesto Became the New 'Just Do It'."

Fabian is scheduled to come in for his Year 2 Capture Your Flag interview in early 2012 so stay tuned!

Be well. Capture Your Flag.

- Erik

Nina Godiwalla TEDx Presentation - TEDxHouston 2011

In her 2011 TEDx Talk at TEDxHouston, Nina Godiwalla shares three simple ways to make a corporate work culture more welcoming.  Godiwalla's TED talk focuses on what she learned about diversity messaging and more inclusive and welcoming workplace cultures through her investment banking experience on Wall Street, the stories from which she shares in her first book "Suits: A Woman on Wall Street."   In 2011 Nina shared her anticipation preparing to give this TEDx Talk down in Houston