Custom Programs and Licensing


Custom Near Peer Interview Programs

The Capture Your Flag philosophy is rooted in the belief that when peers one or two steps ahead of you (Near Peers) share their experience, it becomes  a unique learning resource that has exponential leverage.  By creating a program where both personal and professional experiences are captured through structured, recorded interviews, Capture Your Flag helps employees increase their self-awareness through their participation, as well as learn through watching the experiences of others.

Interview programs are set up at defined intervals (time and /or milestone based) to record employee progression at defined points on their professional journey.  Interview content is edited down, transcribed, parsed into Q&A clips, and categorized. 

Benefits for Companies

Company leaders can identify and cultivate the traits and behaviors they want to encourage, and articulate them to employees through video-based success stories. 

Benefits for Managers

Video content can be leveraged in classroom-based and self-paced learning modules for managers and aspiring managers to improve their ability to spot and recognize top performance.

Benefits for Employees

Employees can use near peer content and community to learn what is required of them more quickly and focus on honing those skills deemed to be effective within a given culture.

Near Peer Video Content Licensing

If you are looking for career, education, and life knowledge videos to integrate into your career training programs, teaching materials, or other needs, Capture Your Flag can help.  We offer content licensing to videos in our 3000+ career knowledge library. 

Benefits for human resource professionals

A Capture Your Flag licensing relationship will help you better empower employees to better plan, pursue and achieve career goals to support their aspirations.  Our  video library offers extensive, industry-specific job and skill-building insight that is personal, genuine and approachable.

Benefits for education companies

We help teachers bring real life lessons to students that empower them to better plan, pursue and achieve educational goals to support their life and career aspirations.