Mike Germano on Deciding When and To Whom to Sell Your Company

In Chapter 7 of 23 in his 2014 Capture Your Flag interview, VICE Media Chief Digital Officer Mike Germano answers "What Made You Decide to Sell Your Company?" Germano shares what he learned about the mergers and acquisitions process making the decision to sell the company he co-founded. After growing a social media agency, he gets approached by many larger agencies and finds the culture, mission and values do not align. He then connects with VICE Media and describes what set them apart from other bidders and why he and his partner decided to sell and join the VICE team.

Mike Germano is Chief Digital Officer at VICE Media, a global youth media company based in Brooklyn, New York. Germano joined VICE Media via its 2013 acquisition of Carrot Creative, a social media agency he co-founded and led as CEO.