Mike Germano on Debunking the Business is a Family Myth

In Chapter 6 of 23 in his 2014 Capture Your Flag interview, VICE Media Chief Digital Officer Mike Germano answers "How Was Creating a Company Like Building a Family?" Germano often hears how building a company is like raising a family. He disagrees and debunks the "business as family" myth, noting that while you can pivot from a business model or stop a business you cannot stop a family.  He notes while you can fire employees you can never fire your kids. Germano notes that, yes, caring is a part of both, however family decisions and business decisions have very different contexts.

Mike Germano is Chief Digital Officer at VICE Media, a global youth media company based in Brooklyn, New York. Germano joined VICE Media via its 2013 acquisition of Carrot Creative, a social media agency he co-founded and led as CEO.