Matt Ruby on How to Find Branded Content Advertisers for a Web Series

In Chapter 18 of 19 in his 2014 Capture Your Flag interview, standup comedian and Vooza founder Matt Ruby answers "In television, we see the big automotive brands making big plays and obviously there is an Apple computer in every HBO show, but you also tailored your branded content and product placement to your audience with Vooza. So how did you go about finding the right fit for potential advertisers to put on a show?" Ruby shares how finding advertisers for his web series starts with reaching out to people to start a conversation. From there he has been able to find people doing similar projects and websites and look at who is advertising with them. As he has built audience and advertiser relationships for branded content and product placement, Ruby returns to existing relationships - people who understand his business - for new campaigns and projects.

Matt Ruby is a standup comedian based in New York City. He also founded Vooza, on online comic strip web series that makes fun of tech startup culture. As an actor, director, writer and producer, Ruby leads the creative direction for the team. Before his comedy career, Matt was employee #1 at 37Signals. He graduated from Northwestern University.