Why Travel to Distant and Unfamiliar Places - Richard Moross

In Chapter 14 of 17 in his 2012 interview, London entrepreneur and Moo.com CEO Richard Moross answers "What Have You Found Most Rewarding About Traveling to New Places?"  Moross notes that as a heavy business traveler, he finds Western culture between the United States and Europe is no longer mysterious and new.  He finds this mystery and excitement traveling Asia. It reminds him the world is a big world full of differences to be explored and appreciated.  Moross is founder and CEO of Moo.com and a leader in the London startup scene.  Before starting Moo.com, an award-winning online print business, Moross was a strategist at Imagination, the world's largest independent design company.  He graduated from the University of Sussex, where he majored in philosophy and politics.