When to Hire An Assistant and Get Your Life Back - Richard Moross

In Chapter 13 of 17 in his 2012 interview, London entrepreneur and Moo.com CEO Richard Moross answers "How Are You Learning to Better Manage Your Time and Commitments?"  Overwhelmed with work, Moross learns first to recognize and admit he has a problem and then, second, to do something about it.  He takes steps to hire an assistant and delegate responsibility, even things he feels he does better than anyone else such as managing his travel.  Moross is founder and CEO of Moo.com and a leader in the London startup scene.  Before starting Moo.com, an award-winning online print business, Moross was a strategist at Imagination, the world's largest independent design company.  He graduated from the University of Sussex, where he majored in philosophy and politics.