The 6 Stages of the Entrepreneur Journey - Bijoy Goswami

In Chapter 8 of 15 in his 2011 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, leadership philosopher Bijoy Goswami shares the six (6) stages of the entrepreneurial journey. The first step is the "You" stage. This is the beginning of using skills and abilities. The second is the "Question" stage where entrepreneurs find what specifically they seek to answer. Stage three is ideation, answering the question and birthing a product, experience or cause the world needs. "The Valley of Death" is stage four, where the entrepreneur must sell to a customer. Stage five is the "growth phase" or sustainability. Here what was the founding team becomes culture and scale questions must be answered. Stage six is "Re-Bootstrap" where the business must continually re-invent itself. Goswami cites Apple as the best example of a company rebootstrapping itself continuously over its lifespan. Goswami lives in Austin, TX, where he develops models, including MRE, youPlusU, and Bootstrap, to help others live more meaningfully. He teaches his models through community activism, lectures, writing, and online communication. Previously, he co-founded Aviri Software after working at Trilogy Software. Goswami graduated from Stanford University, where he studied Computer Science, Economics, and History.