How to Handle the Pain of Rejection

In Chapter 12 of 14 in his 2012 interview, real estate development executive Brett Goldman answers "How Do You Deal With Rejection?"  Goldman shares how he feels when experiencing rejection and how he gets over it by simply letting time pass. 

Brett Goldman is a Real Estate Acquisitions Director at Triangle Equities in New York City.  He holds a BA in General Studies from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Real Estate Development from the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation.


Erik Michielsen: How do you deal with rejection?

Brett Goldman: Not well. I think for the first -- depending on how bad the rejection is, 12 to 24 hours, I’m pretty down about it, and then just kind of fades away. I try not to get myself into that same situation. But it just fades. 

Erik Michielsen: Is it different in your personal life versus your professional life?

Brett Goldman: No. It feels pretty much the same, it feels a little bit more personal in the personal life but, you know, I mean, there's definitely been some setbacks in business that I wish I had back. I usually don't take it as personally but it still hurts and, you know, it stings at first and then it kind of fades.