How to Find a Mentor - Julie Hession

In Chapter 10 of 21 in her 2011 Capture Your Flag interview, food entrepreneur Julie Hession answers "How Have You Established Mentors in Your Career and How Have They Helped Most?"  Hession notes how she learns to overcome fear and be more aggressive approaching people she admires.  She finds the more successful a person is, the more willing they are to help you and give back to you.  She tells the story of meeting Sarah Foster, of Foster's Market and cookbook fame, and how the mentoring relationship evolved into a friendship.  Julie Hession is the founder of Julie Anne's All Natural Granola Company.  Passionate about food since childhood, Hession has developed her career by food blogging, cooking contests, and starting fine food companies.  Hession earned an MBA in Marketing from Duke University and a BA from UNLV.