Jullien Gordon on How to Achieve Success by Aligning Purpose to Career

In Chapter 1 of 14 of his 2010 Capture Your Flag interview, motivation teacher Jullien Gordon aspires to help others better identify and align purpose to professional goals. Gordon does this by helping others make ideas happen by providing a 30-day goal support framework. Gordon finds inspiration in studying clarity of purpose in growing up with an alcoholic parent rich with material goods but lacking in fulfillment. He builds upon this focus by creating methodologies, including a "30-Day Do It" framework to help others execute on ideas and achieve incremental goals in set time periods. Gordon earned both an MBA and Masters in Education at Stanford University and a BA from UCLA.


Erik Michielsen: To what do you aspire?

Jullien Gordon: There’s two things. One is to help as many people as possible get clarity on their purpose and align that with their profession, since I think our profession is what we spend so much of our core life and that’s where we have to make our highest contribution and then secondly is to - in the concept of the New Years Resolution, introduce this idea of the New Month Resolution where people set goals and community every single month.

Erik Michielsen: What was the genesis of those two core goals?

Jullien Gordon: Having an alcoholic parent who had a three story house, Mercedes Benz, all that and seeing them still feel empty and so that’s where the purpose and the profession piece came in, where it’s like you can these notions of success and chase these things that people deem successful and still feel empty inside. So at an early age my notions of success got challenged and it made me just think differently about success and start defining it for myself. Next for the Thirty Day Do It Movement, which is the goal setting – nation wide goal setting movement, it was really all about people just having great ideas and not getting done.

It frustrates me so much when people are talking about all the great ideas that they have and the next call you get on with them and it’s just a new great idea and then it’s another one and another one and I really just want to see people move aggressively – not aggressively but progressively towards what ever it is that they truly, truly want in the depth of their heart.