How Radcliffe Publishing Course Jumpstarts Career - Scott Gold

In Chapter 15 of 20 of his 2011 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, author and writer Scott Gold answers "How Did Attending the Radcliffe Publishing Program at Harvard University Shape Your Career Ambition?  Gold notes how the course, which since has been renamed the Columbia Publishing Course and relocated to New York City, helped jumpstart his book publishing career.  The course teaches him publishing industry fundamentals and provides him access to industry leaders who provide insight into how publishing careers develop.  The course teaches him about how literary agencies, electronic books, book proposals, agents, rights and publicity work withing the publishing industry.  Scott Gold is an author and writer based in New York City.  When not writing, Gold moonlights as a bartender at Char no. 4 restaurant in Brooklyn.  He earned a BA in Philosophy from Washington University in St. Louis.