Fabian Pfortmüller on Solving Problems to Build Global Brands

In Chapter 10 of 18 in his 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, entrepreneur and community builder Fabian Pfortmüller answers "What Problems Are You Trying to Solve Right Now to Grow Your Business?" In leadership roles at two companies, Sandbox Network and Holstee, Pfortmüller finds each has separate growth issues. At Sandbox Network, he finds creating a consistent community and user experience a challenge. At Holstee, it is more about applying a known mindful living brand and connecting that into a growing product offering, including a shareable art card series. Fabian Pfortmüller is co-founder of Holstee, a socially conscious online marketplace, and Sandbox Network, a global community for young entrepreneurial people. Pfortmüller graduated from Columbia University.