Chris Hinkle on Ways to Reduce Stress and Perform Under Pressure

In Chapter 8 of 10 in his 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, software engineer Chris Hinkle answers "What Does It Mean to Perform Under Pressure in the Work That You Do?" Hinkle shares steps engineers and project managers can take to reduce stress when working under deadline pressure. Specifically, he notes how it can be helpful to be less focused on the project deadline and more focused on doing your best work. He finds imposing time pressures can compound small problems and make developers and engineers feel helpless. He also warns against doing all-nighter work as it may cause more harm than good with regard to work quality. Chris Hinkle is a senior software engineer working at Evernote in Silicon Valley. Previously, Hinkle worked at New York City digital agencies HUGE and R/GA in creative director and software engineering roles designing products and developing Internet mobile applications and websites.