Randall Metting on Marketing a New Product to Bars and Restaurants

In Chapter 11 of 16 in his 2014 Capture Your Flag interview, Randall Metting answers "What Role Do Negotiation Skills Play in Your Work?" For Metting, negotiation comes down to his work marketing his product to bar and restaurant owners and managers. It starts with introducing the product, telling the story and sampling the product. From there, Metting is able to negotiate a deal for bars and restaurants to carry the product that includes not just volume and pricing but also staff training and incentive programs.

Randall Metting is a brand development and marketing manager at Dulce Vida Spirits in Austin, Texas. Over 17 years, he has built brands in spirits, luxury real estate and lifestyle, music, and sports industries. He has been a radio personality at KGSR Radio and a marketer at a hyperlocal startup acquired by NBC Universal. Metting earned a BA in Advertising from the University of Florida and started his career at The Coca-Cola Company.