How to Take a New Brand From Market Entry to Market Penetration

In Chapter 10 of 16 in his 2014 Capture Your Flag interview, Randall Metting answers "What is the Process of Taking a New Brand From Market Entry to Market Penetration?" Metting shares how he and his team are planning and executing market strategy to build upon new market entry to deepen market penetration and product sales. The team starts by refining target market options. It then invests in event marketing across Steinberg Springs music festivals to the New Orleans Tales of the Cocktail conference. Through the process, Metting and his team hone product marketing and positioning while building the brand.

Randall Metting is a brand development and marketing manager at Dulce Vida Spirits in Austin, Texas. Over 17 years, he has built brands in spirits, luxury real estate and lifestyle, music, and sports industries. He has been a radio personality at KGSR Radio and a marketer at a hyperlocal startup acquired by NBC Universal. Metting earned a BA in Advertising from the University of Florida and started his career at The Coca-Cola Company.