Rachel Lehmann-Haupt on Moving From New York to San Francisco

In Chapter 5 of 17 in her 2014 Capture Your Flag interview, author and small business owner Rachel Lehmann-Haupt answers "How Has Moving to a New City Created Positive Change in Your Life?" Working in media and publishing, Lehmann-Haupt finds New York City to be, as her mentor Clay Felker puts it, "about power and who's up and who's down." Upon arriving in the San Francisco, she finds the Bay Area culture to be more about ideas and experimentation and open-mindedness to new possibilities. Lehmann-Haupt connects with the culture, joins TED Books to work on the future of digital media publishing and ultimately launches her own firm, StoryMade.

Rachel Lehmann-Haupt is a writer, editor and multimedia content strategist. She is the owner of StoryMade, a storytelling studio that creates new media content solutions for businesses. Previously, she was a founding editor and multimedia producer at TED Books, designing TED Talk content for tablet computers. She is the author of "In Her Own Sweet Time", published in 2009. Lehmann-Haupt earned a BA from Kenyon College and a Masters in Journalism from UC-Berkeley.