Yoav Gonen on Finding Better Ways to Reflect on Your Life and Work

In Chapter 4 of 19 in his 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, New York City reporter Yoav Gonen answers "What Role Has Reflection Played in Shaping Your Personal Growth?" Over the years, Gonen has taken multiple approaches to facilitate reflection. In his twenties, Gonen found therapy a useful tool for reflection. In recent years he has kept a daily journal of his thoughts that allows him to revisit what he was thinking and how he reacted. Now many years into a reporting career, Gonen looks for ways to step back and take time to think about his life and his work. Yoav Gonen is a reporter and City Hall Bureau Chief for the New York Post daily newspaper. Previously he spent nearly six years covering the education beat for the New York Post. Gonen earned a B.A. in English from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Journalism from New York University.