Why to Challenge Yourself to Experience New Things - Nina Godiwalla

In Chapter 4 of 14, author Nina Godiwalla answers "How has experimentation helped you live more fully in how you live each day?" Godiwalla shares why she constantly seeks new experiences to broaden her perspective on life and the decisions she makes.  Godiwalla prioritizes pushing beyond the socioeconomic and professional environments she sees daily.  She finds value seeing how other people operate and do things differently.

Nina Godiwalla is the author of "Suits: A Woman on Wall Street" and the founder and CEO of Mindworks, a provider of leadership, stress management, and diversity training programs. Before starting her business and writing her book, Godiwalla worked at Johnson & Johnson and Oxygen Media and investment banking at Morgan Stanley. Godiwalla earned an MBA from Wharton, a MA from Dartmouth and a BBA from the University of Texas. 


Erik Michielsen: How has experimentation helped you live more fully in what you do each day?

Nina Godiwalla: I just think it’s critical to my world. I constantly want to see new things, I want to see how people are operating, I want to have a better understanding of other people and people’s perspectives and, you know, we live in our world and a lot of times as much as I do like to experiment and see different things, day to day I’m with people not that different from me, I’m with people that are just similar, professionally, socioeconomic class and I love to get out and do and see different things. And really what it is, is it challenges me, it challenges me to realize I’m operating on assumptions everyday and that is what I think is critical in life. To me that’s growing, that’s growing as a person, trying to understand other people’s perspective, trying to move forward and come up with something that’s bigger than just ‘This is my – this is my little life in my little world’.