Why Expert Relationships Matter in Big City Newspaper Reporting - Yoav Gonen

Yoav Gonen returns to Capture Your Flag to build upon his 2009 interview with a 2010 conversation with host Erik Michielsen. In Chapter 13 of 17, Gonen, a New York Post education reporter, shares the complexities working in the largest U.S. public education system. The 1.1 million participants in the New York City system go beyond students and teachers to include politics, policy, transportation, and food. As a result of the complexity, Gonen prioritizes building relationships with experts across the various education sub-sectors. The relationships, developed over time, help Gonen identify and make sense of stories in his daily reporter role at the New York Post. Before starting his New York City newspaper reporting career, Gonen earned his BA in English from the University of Michigan and his Masters in Journalism from New York University.