Mark Graham on What Marriage Teaches About Teamwork

In Chapter 1 of 17 in his 2012 Capture Your Flag interview, digital media executive Mark Graham answers "What Has Marriage Taught You About Teamwork?"   Graham, married in 2011, finds work skills useful when setting and working toward goals with his wife.  From short term goals such as moving into a new apartment to long term goals such as raising a family, Graham and his wife learn to make decisions together as a team. 

Mark Graham is currently a managing editor at VH1, an MTV Networks company. Previously Graham worked in editing and writing roles at New York Magazine and Gawker Media.  He graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in English.  


Erik Michielsen: What has marriage taught you about teamwork?

Mark Graham: It dovetails sort of nicely into some of my new roles at work. Learning how to work together towards goals, really making sure that we take the time to sort of lay out our plan, our framework both in the near term with things like: How do you move? What stuff do you pack? In longer term goals like: Where are we gonna live? Where are we gonna—Are we gonna rent an apartment for a while? Are we gonna – are we looking to buy a house? Are we gonna hang out as a married couple for a while or are we gonna have children at some point? So, you know, really sort of working together as a team, and I think more than anything else, it’s about learning how to communicate. It’s taught me a lot about shared sacrifice and sharing responsibilities, and more than anything else, it’s been great to have someone who’s on your team, who’s on your side, who you’re building and growing a life together, who has similar goals with what they wanna do with themselves and, you know, it’s been an awesome—It’s been awesome so far.