What Makes a Great Wedding - Conrad Doucette

In Chapter 2 of 21 in his 2011 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, musician and Takka Takka drummer Conrad Doucette answers "What Makes a Great Wedding?"  For Doucette it comes down to having a nice room and having family and friends.  Setting expectations for the big day, Doucette still gets emotionally overwhelmed by the experience.  Doucette is the drummer for the Brooklyn-based band Takka Takka.  He also performs with The National, Okkervil River, and Alina Simone.  When not performing, Doucette works as a copywriter, blogger, and digital media producer.  He has worked at Blender, Fuse TV, and Heavy.com.  Doucette earned his BA in History from the University of Michigan.