What Journalism School Skill is Most Useful in a Reporting Career - Yoav Gonen

Yoav Gonen returns to Capture Your Flag to build upon his 2009 interview with a 2010 conversation with host Erik Michielsen. In Chapter 7 of 17, New York Post newspaper education reporter Yoav Gonen shares the most useful skill learned in Journalism School. He highlights persistence, as he commonly faces challenges getting someone to respond and participate in a story. Gonen prefers to confront a potential source in person. He finds 9 times out of 10 the person contributes. It is not always easy. Gonen shares that he often will have to find out where the person will be after hours, for example at a dinner benefit, and then track them down for a quote. Gonen earned his BA in English from the University of Michigan and his Masters in Journalism from New York University.