Tricia Regan on How Television Storytelling Careers are Changing

In Chapter 13 of 15 in her 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, filmmaker and television producer Tricia Regan answers "How is the Practice or Trend of Storytelling Changing?" She notes how traditional storytelling formats - two- or three-act plays, three-act movies, half-hour TV shows, one-hour TV shows short stories, novels, and poems - are evolving into new formats. Regan details how powerful the "TV series" format has become, going from the old Charles Dickens' written formulas into serial TV series on HBO, Showtime, AMC and Netflix. She notes how a format in a serial TV show such as Girls pushes the boundaries of possibilities far behind creative formats of traditional TV such as Seinfeld. Tricia Regan is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker known for writing, directing and producing documentary films, including the Emmy-winning "Autism: The Musical". She also has worked extensively in non-fiction television for A&E, ABC, FOX, Lifetime, MTV Networks and NBC. Regan earned a bachelors from Binghamton University and masters from New York University.