Randall Metting on Turning 40 and Making the Most of Every Moment

In Chapter 10 of 10 in his 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, brand marketer Randall Metting answers "How Are Your Aspirations Changing as Your Experience Grows?" As he approaches his 40th birthday, Metting shares why he feels it is important to maximize every second you are given in all aspects of life. From time with friends, family and his trusted canine pal, Shiner Dog, to work and personal health, Metting tries not to waste an opportunity to live life to its fullest and push the boundaries to what is possible. Randall Metting is a brand marketer working for Dulce Vida Spirits in Austin. Metting has built a career on helping companies and non-profits develop integrated marketing strategy and brand development programs. As "The Unofficial Mayor of Austin, Texas" Metting authors the randallmetting.com community blog. He is also an on-air radio personality for 93.3 KGSR radio in Austin. Metting earned a B.S. in Advertising from the University of Florida.