Nina Godiwalla on Finding New Ways to Get Better at Your Job

In Chapter 14 of 18 in her 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, author and entrepreneur Nina Godiwalla answers "What Skills Are You Working on Right Now to Get Better at Your Job?" As a small business owner, Godiwalla realizes she can choose where she spends her time. She also realizes that in order to do what she enjoys doing most she also has to address how work she does not enjoy doing gets done. Figuring out whether to buckle down and handle that work or to hire staff to do that work is a challenges she is trying to address as a leader. Nina Godiwalla is an expert on diversity, leadership and women in the business world. She is CEO of Mindworks, which provides leadership, stress management, and diversity training to companies all over the world. She is also a bestselling author and public speaker. Godiwalla earned an MBA from Wharton, a MA from Dartmouth and a BBA from the University of Texas.