Leslie Kerner on Parenting Advice for Working Moms Raising Two Kids

In Chapter 2 of 21 in her 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, education software company executive Leslie Kerner answers "What Challenges Have You Faced Raising Two Young Children While Working Full-Time?" In her 5th year of parenting and now a mother of two young boys, Kerner shares that successful parenting is less about doing everything right and more with doing your best with the understanding that you never will be perfect. This approach helps Kerner adapt her work and home approach to meet the emotional challenges in her life.

Leslie Kerner is Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Professional Services group at Amplify, a software and services company innovating K-12 education. She is responsible for building and managing training, professional development and consulting services for schools. Previously, Kerner worked as a management consultant at Deloitte & Touche. Kerner earned an MBA from the Duke University and a BA from Northwestern University.