Stacie Bloom: How Working Parent Priorities Change

In Chapter 5 of 18 in her 2012 Capture Your Flag interview, Neuroscience Institute Executive Director Stacie Grossman Bloom answers "How Are Your Personal Priorities Changing as You Get Older?"  Bloom notes how she works to maintain balance around her ambitious career focus while raising three kids.  She notes the daily struggle she goes through being present both in the office and in the home and working through the emotions and decisions that play into finding that balance. 

Stacie Grossman Bloom is Executive Director for the Neuroscience Institute at the NYU Langone Medical Center.  Previously, she was VP and Scientific Director at the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) and, before that, held editorial roles at the Journal of Clinical Investigation and Nature Medicine.  She earned her BA in chemistry and psychology from the University of Delaware, her PhD in Neurobiology and Cell Biology at Georgetown University and did post-doctoral training in Paul Greengard's Nobel Laboratory of Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience at Rockefeller University. 


Erik Michielsen:  How are your personal priorities changing as you get older?

Stacie Grossman Bloom:  My personal priorities have changed because I have a family. So, you know, I’ve always been a very ambitious career-focused person, and I still am, I still am. I think in that aspect, nothing has changed. But I can’t really stay at the office until 9:00 at night anymore. I can’t even stay at the office until 7:00 at night anymore. And so, you know, I just have to find the right balance. And I struggle with it every day. I’m always really self-conscious when I’m walking out the door at 5:00 and my whole team is still there working really hard, but on the other hand, my kids are really important, and they’re not going to be living in my house for a very long time, and I wanna have dinner with them every night, so my priorities have changed because, although I’ve always been very career focused, I now have another big major focus, and I wanna give as much of myself to each of those things as possible.