How to Turn Community Shame into Community Pride - Matt Curtis

In Chapter 11 of 17, public affairs and communications strategist Matt Curtis suggests ways municipalities and local governments can use to transform community shame into community pride. Curtis is chief of staff for Austin mayor Lee Leffingwell and has learned to promote Austin across its music, food, fitness, trails and architecture. Curtis looks into darker perspectives, specifically Scranton, Pennsylvania, which is dear to his heart. Curtis' family emigrated from Ireland and established themselves in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Where many Scranton residents see despair in their town, Curtis sees hope, opportunity. Beyond the Vice President Joe Biden comments, Curtis sees an opportunity to champion "The Office" and its flagship, Scranton, PA based company "Dundler Mifflin". He sees possibility where others see hopelessness and highlights several ways the town could not only share more with outsiders, but boost its civic pride in the process.