How to Make Your Community Service More Impactful - Matt Curtis

In Chapter 12 of 18 in his 2011 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, public affairs and communications strategist Matt Curtis answers "How Can One Make His or Her Community Service More Impactful?" He starts by aiming to make the situation better than you find it. Curtis creates this impact by being an active contributor actually doing community service. For example, Curtis suggests volunteers not only help deliver Meals on Wheels but actually get inside and meet the people receiving the services. Curtis believes making this impact will also create a participatory culture focused more on taking action on potential instead of pointing out problems. Curtis is the communications director for Austin mayor Lee Leffingwell. Curtis' charity work includes affiliations with Capital Area Food Bank, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Students of the World, the Rainforest Project and the Art Alliance. In 2011, Curtis won "Austinite of the Year" in the Austin Under 40 Awards. He earned his bachelor's degree in radio, television and film from the University of North Texas.