Stacie Bloom on How to Foster Innovation in Global Nutrition Science

In Chapter 17 of 19 in her 2011 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, Stacie Grossman Bloom answers "What Has Led You to Create a Global Program on Nutrition Science?" Grossman Bloom, who at the time of this interview was at the New York Academy of Science (NYAS), shares how the organization designed a unique initiative to have global impact. The organization applies its 200 years of experience of scientific community led problem solving to the challenges of malnutrition and nutrition science.

Stacie Grossman Bloom is the Executive Director at the NYU Neuroscience Institute at NYU Langone Medical Center. Previously, she was VP and Scientific Director at the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS). She earned her PhD in Neurobiology and Cell Biology at Georgetown University and did a post-doctoral fellowship at Rockefeller University in New York City. She earned her BA in Chemistry and Psychology from the University of Delaware.


Erik Michielsen: What has led you to create a global program on nutrition science?

Stacie Grossman Bloom: I am currently the vice president and scientific director at the New York Academy of Sciences. This is an organization that’s been around for almost 200 years in the United States. And for those 200 years, what it has really excelled in, is building communities of scientists in discreet areas and then driving those communities towards innovation. One area that was becoming increasingly important to address, but which we weren’t really doing, was nutrition science. So, we set out about 18 months ago to scope out a project in nutrition science. That scoping project led us to interview 48 stakeholders around the world to really design an initiative that would be unique, that wouldn’t duplicate existing efforts, that would align with them, and that would have global impact.