Joe Stump on How a One-Year Sabaatical Shapes College Education

In Chapter 3 of 16 of his 2009 Capture Your Flag interview, Joe Stump leaves Eastern Michigan University to pursue a one-year sabbatical in Silicon Valley during the first Internet boom. There he builds hands-on programming and website architecture experience before returning to Eastern to finish his degree.


Erik Michielsen:  This is 2000.  You are midway through your time at Eastern Michigan University and you popped out to take this opportunity and next thing you know you working, programming for a top 500 Media Metrix site.

Joe Stump:  It was pretty insane.  I went to collage.  I was on scholarship at Eastern and they have this awesome thing where you can take a one-year sabbatical.  I was looking at it as the worst-case scenario I get a year of experience and those were very lofty times. So, I went out there for a year and then paychecks became intermittent and so I ended up heading back.  Actually Care2 is still around and doing really well, and profitable.