How Film Director Rethinks Career After Initial Success - Tricia Regan

In Chapter 3 of 10 in her 2011 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, filmmaker Tricia Regan shares how she is rethinking her film career. In her 2009 interview with Capture Your Flag, Regan had recently won an Emmy Award for her documentary "Autism: The Musical". Since, she has had multiple projects fall through. In between film projects and working in television, Regan thinks about next film opportunities, including documentary and scripted or narrative film. Regan is an Emmy-Award winning filmmaker. She directed, produced and shot "Autism: The Musical." When not shooting documentary films, Regan has worked as a director, producer, and writer at ABC, NBC, FOX, and Lifetime. She earned a bachelors from Binghamton University and masters from New York University.