How Fashion Stylist Defines Her Own Style - Lulu Chen

In Chapter 3 of 10 in her 2011 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, fashion stylist Lulu Chen answers "What Inspires Your Personal Style?"  Chen blends an understated look with a functional one.  Why functional?  As a fashion stylist, her work is very hands on and she is on her feet for long periods of time.  Lulu Chen is a New York City based fashion stylist.  Chen earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree studying design and art history from the University of Michigan.


Erik Michielsen:  What inspires your personal style?

Lulu Chen: I was thinking about that actually earlier.  I thought you might ask me that type of question or something like that. I guess the word I would like to use is understated, easy, you know.  I think it also – for me it has to be functional.  I’m working on set, and where I’m working in the market, and it’s very physical sometimes, you know, and I do try to look my best and be professional, but sometimes you can’t do that in four-inch heels. (laughs)  So, you know, and ultimately – you know, ultimately we’re behind the scenes, so I guess sometimes we have it uniform, which just tends to be understated and easy.