How Corporate Leadership Creates Innovation Culture - Marc Ferrentino

In Chapter 7 of 16 in his 2011 Capture Your Flag interview, cloud computing technology executive Marc Ferrentino answers "What are the Challenges of Applying an Entrepreneurial Approach in a Large Company?"  Ferrentino notes how it is more challenging to make change in an established company than in a small one.  He notes innovation blockers such as political barriers, including fiefdoms, as well as concerns about meeting Wall Street expectations as a publicly traded company.  He shares how some companies can create innovation or incubator groups and how that can work; however, in fast moving industries such as software, the innovation must be embedded in culture and that, he shares, is a top-down executive responsibility.  Ferrentino is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of cloud computing at BMC Software.  Previously, he was Chief Technology Architect (CTA) at  Previous to, Ferrentino worked in mobile and Internet startups and at Goldman Sachs.  He earned a BSEE in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan.