Joe Stump on Finding Meaningful Work Making Software

In Chapter 3 of 14 in his 2012 interview, Internet entrepreneur Joe Stump answers "What Makes Your Work Meaningful?"  At his core, Stump simply loves helping people.  He finds software provides him an opportunity to empower and help people at scale.  His current company,, makes product management software that Stump hopes, jokingly, will "make life in a cubicle a little nicer."  Joe Stump is a serial entrepreneur based in Portland, OR. He is CEO and co-founder of, a product management software company.  Previously he founded SimpleGeo, which was sold to Urban Airship in October 2011.  He advises several startups - including and ngmoco:) - as well as VC firm Freestyle Capital.  He earned a BBA in Computer Information Systems (CIS) from Eastern Michigan University. 


Erik Michielsen: What makes your work meaningful?

Joe Stump: You know me fairly well and I like helping people. I like helping people a lot and one of the things that I think software can do is it can enable, empower, and help people. And the software that, you know, really the software that I'm building now is kind of it’s software as a service, it's business software.

Most people would look at it -- I mean, it's product management software. People are not like -- people shouldn’t love that kind of software, right? But our customers love it. They say like, the number one word that comes back and like when people respond back is love. They love using it.

And I often say that like jokingly, I say that our mission at is to make life in a cubicle a little nicer.  And I think that, you know, you can have a huge impact through software because if I was just a philanthropist I could help maybe dozens of people but I'm now enabling thousands of people to hopefully get a few less grey hairs.