Comparing Live Performance with Studio Recording - Conrad Doucette

In Chapter 14 of 19 in his 2012 Capture Your Flag interview, musician Conrad Doucette answers "How Do You Compare and Contrast Performing Live to Recording in a Studio?"  Doucette notes they are completely different.  For him, recording in a studio is about trying to attain perfection.  It must map to your particular vision and it will be permanent, as it is a recording.  He also notes how recording allows you to bring substantial resources to bear on the work, from additional tracks to technology to additional musicians.  Playing live is more about feeding off the space, the room, and the energy and being in the moment.  Conrad Doucette is a Brooklyn musician and the drummer for Takka Takka, which released its 3rd studio album, AM Landscapes, in late 2012.  He has performed with Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, The National, Alina Simone, and many other leading acts.  When not performing music, Doucette is the communications and brand director at music licensing and publishing startup Jingle Punks.  Doucette earned a BA in History from the University of Michigan.