Jason Anello on Applying Work Ethic in First Job

In Chapter 3 of 20 in his 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, creative director and Manifold ad agency co-founder Jason Anello answers "Where Did You Learn Your Work Ethic?"  Anello learns his work ethic from his father and grandfather.  He learns to apply this work ethic - when given a job, you do the job to the best of your ability - working a high school job at a five and dime or party store.  Working there seven years teaches Anello a lot about how business works. 

Jason Anello is a founding partner and creative director at Manifold Partners, an award-winning creative advertising agency.  Previously, Anello worked in creative leadership roles at Yahoo!, Ogilvy & Mather, and Digitas.  A passionate foodie and traveler, he runs the Forking Tasty food blog and supper club series.  He earned a BFA from University at Albany.