Mike Germano on Aligning Financial Planning Goals to Personal Values

In Chapter 22 of 23 in his 2014 Capture Your Flag interview, VICE Media Chief Digital Officer Mike Germano answers "As You Get Older, How Are Your Financial Planning Goals Change?" Germano shares how after many years putting all his money back into his business, Carrot Creative, after selling his business to VICE Media he is in a position to invest. He looks at nontraditional outlets, such as investing in a pizza business and buying a stake in a minor league baseball team, the Brockton Rox, to complement angel investing and stock market investing.

Mike Germano is Chief Digital Officer at VICE Media, a global youth media company based in Brooklyn, New York. Germano joined VICE Media via its 2013 acquisition of Carrot Creative, a social media agency he co-founded and led as CEO.