Jullien Gordon on Committing to Longer-Term Customer Relationships

In Chapter 13 of 19 in his 2014 Capture Your Flag interview, business coach and public speaker Jullien Gordon answers "How Are Progressively Longer-Term Relationships Changing the Way You Do Business?" Gordon shares how he focuses on fewer relationships with deeper impact where he can not just touch lives but transform them. Gordon references "1,000 True Fans", a book about building a loyal fan base, and how he uses that philosophy to develop his own core audience and serve their needs as a coach, consultant and speaker.

Jullien Gordon is a business coach and consultant to organizations, individuals and teams who want to increase performance, motivation, engagement and retention. Gordon is also a public speaker on career planning for colleges, conferences, and corporations. He earned a BA from UCLA and MBA and M. Ed degrees from Stanford University.