Bijoy Goswami on How to Turn Constraints Into Opportunities

In Chapter 16 of 17 in his 2014 Capture Your Flag interview, community leader Bijoy Goswami answers "How Are You Learning to Do More With Less?" Goswami shares how it is not about doing more with less but recognizing that doing more with more is a better way achieved by taking a different point of view on the situation. He references the bootstrap metaphor from the Baron Munchausen story where Munchausen pulls himself up by magical bootstraps to have himself and his horse from drowning in a swamp.

Bijoy Goswami is a writer, teacher, and community leader based in Austin, Texas. He develops learning models to help individuals, organizations and communities live more meaningfully. Previously, he co-founded Aviri Software after working at Trilogy Software. Goswami graduated from Stanford University.