Bijoy Goswami on How to Empower a Stewardship Ethic in Others

In Chapter 6 of 17 in his 2014 Capture Your Flag interview, community leader Bijoy Goswami answers "How Are You Learning to Empower Others to Be Community Stewards?" Goswami shares how he first has one-on-one coaching conversations with others. He then employs models of experience to visualize the journey stewards might take and how that compares with something like community service. This then allows him to refine what it means to steward and how that energy will express itself.

Bijoy Goswami is a writer, teacher, and community leader based in Austin, Texas. He develops learning models to help individuals, organizations and communities live more meaningfully. Previously, he co-founded Aviri Software after working at Trilogy Software. Goswami graduated from Stanford University.