Courtney Spence on Why Managing Email Gets Harder as You Get Older

In Chapter 13 of 20 in her 2014 Capture Your Flag interview, nonprofit CEO Courtney Spence answers "What Skills Are You Working on Right Now to Become Better at Your Job?" Spence is challenged by staying organized and maintaining correspondence each day. Specifically, she feels overwhelmed by the daily demands of her email inbox and managing the increasing demands on her time as she gets older. Spence finds zero inbox or inbox zero advice is not for her and looks for alternative ways to manage her communication in and out of her inbox.

Courtney Spence is founder and CEO of Students of the World, a nonprofit empowering a diverse network of student and emerging filmmakers to apply storytelling skills in purposeful work. She is also the Founder and CEO of CSpence group, a creative agency building millennial-focused content and programs for brands. Spence earned a BA from Duke University.