Matt Ruby on Creating New Ways to Help Comedians Make It in Comedy

In Chapter 4 of 19 in his 2014 Capture Your Flag interview, standup comedian and Vooza founder Matt Ruby answers "What Do You Enjoy Most About Creating Ways to Help Other Comedians Succeed?" As a comedy screenwriter and producer as well as an organizer and host of several standup comedy shows, Ruby finds happiness giving people trying to make it in comedy a chance to thrive and succeed. He enjoys the experimentation that comes with working with creative comedic talents and finds ways to build upon doing it booking standup acts by casting comedians in acting roles.

Matt Ruby is a standup comedian based in New York City. He also founded Vooza, on online comic strip web series that makes fun of tech startup culture. As an actor, director, writer and producer, Ruby leads the creative direction for the team. Before his comedy career, Matt was employee #1 at 37Signals. He graduated from Northwestern University.