Matt Ruby on Learning the Nuances of Filmmaking and Scriptwriting

In Chapter 10 of 19 in his 2014 Capture Your Flag interview, standup comedian and Vooza founder Matt Ruby answers "What Experiences in the Past Year Have Most Influenced the Direction of Your Work?" Producing the Vooza web series, Ruby finds it educational learning from experience creating webisodes and evolving the tone when writing new segments. As an established standup comedian now working in a screen format, he also learns nuances of presenting comedy in a video medium and the filmmaking styles, such as cross-cutting, used to do this well.

Matt Ruby is a standup comedian based in New York City. He also founded Vooza, on online comic strip web series that makes fun of tech startup culture. As an actor, director, writer and producer, Ruby leads the creative direction for the team. Before his comedy career, Matt was employee #1 at 37Signals. He graduated from Northwestern University.