Michael Olsen on Going From Small Business Owner to MBA Consultant

In Chapter 12 of 20 in his 2014 Capture Your Flag interview, management consultant Michael Olsen answers "Where Has Running Your Own Small Business Been Most Useful Working a Corporate Job?" After running a small business and earning an MBA, Olsen joins Accenture as a management consultant. Working with senior leaders on consulting projects, Olsen draws from his own business leadership experience running a business to respect that management decisions he influences or makes will impact the future of not only the company but also the employees who work there.

Michael Olsen is a management consultant at Accenture. Previous to Accenture, Olsen earned dual MBA and MPH degrees at Emory University in Atlanta. Olsen earned a BA in symbolic systems from Stanford University and spent the next five years founding an IT consulting company, Redwood Strategies.