Anatole Fayking on Testing Product Market Fit for a New Startup Idea

In Chapter 9 of 16 in his 2014 Capture Your Flag interview, Internet entrepreneur Anatole Faykin answers "How Are You Learning to Better Develop Products and Build Companies Around Them?" Faykin shares how he and a friend pursued their passion for tennis and started an e-commerce company catering to people passionate about tennis. By testing product/market fit, Faykin and his partner realize there is not sufficient consumer demand for their product offering. After testing multiple channels, Faykin and his partner decide to shut down the business.

Anatole Faykin is an Internet entrepreneur and digital marketer exploring new career options. A passionate world traveler and problem solver, Faykin plans to return to graduate school to earn a biosciences masters degree. Previously, Faykin has started multiple companies, including Tuanpin, a Shanghai startup he sold in 2011. He holds an MBA from NYU and a BS in computer science and biology from the California Institute of Technology.