Geoff Hamm on Assessing Fit When Interviewing for a New Job

In Chapter 10 of 20 in his 2014 Capture Your Flag interview, mobile business executive Geoff Hamm answers "How Do You Assess Fit When Interviewing for New Job Opportunities?" When interviewing for new job opportunities, Hamm first makes sure he sees value in what the company is building. He then learns about the founders and the values and belief system they have brought to the company. If first-time entrepreneurs started the company, he looks more closely about founder focus and resources in place to keep founders focused on reaching their goals.

Geoff Hamm is a business development executive and VP Strategic Alliances at mobile marketing platform start-up Applovin in San Francisco, CA. Previous to Applovin, Hamm held senior sales management positions at Tapjoy, Scribd, Electronic Arts, Yahoo!, Orbitz, IAC and Excite where he built deep relationships with advertisers and brands. Hamm graduated from the University of Illinois.